Website Copywriting

Think Great Content—Inside the Box

Let’s be clear, web design won’t initiate a purchase decision. What the visitor is looking for, followed by the content read does.

It’s true. Visitors decide to take action based on something they read.

I’ll help with:

  • Structure and layout consultation
  • Existing copy review and edits
  • Blog writing
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Inbound marketing

Having a well-designed site isn’t a bad thing. It’s just that a website’s ability to convert hinges on words and not its brilliant design.

Also, the words should have a clear focus. What’s in it for the reader? These days, people don’t have time to hash over a product’s awesomeness. They’re interested in how a thing can improve their life.

With a well-defined content strategy, you can offer relevant information your site visitors can use to make decisions that lead to sales.

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