Great Copy Drives Profitable Action

In today’s digital landscape, words are a powerful marketing tool. When crafted well, they help online businesses generate impact, reputation, and revenue.

Tailored text can be customized to create value for consumers and engender loyalty and enthusiasm for products or services.

You’ll get persuasive business storytelling through smart copy and memorable marketing campaigns.

Also, your business will get exactly what’s needed to dazzle customers and build lasting relationships.

If you seek to spark interest and create more sales, I can:

  • Analyze website and marketing collateral
  • Create evergreen content and strategy
  • Write copy for emails and promotional materials
  • Refresh existing copy based on tone and brand

Successful content, copywriting, and copy editing projects have been provided for non-profit organizations, small business owners, and digital marketing agencies.

Website Copywriting

Product Copy

Print Marketing Copy

Published Work


Brochure Copywriting



Whether you sell consulting services, eco-friendly gear, gadgets or home goods, the investment in a writer committed to your success is one your business can profit from.

The Writer Behind Taylor’d Text

I’m Naomi, the creative who brings brands to life through words. Strengthening your voice, improving engagement, and growing your business are my specialties.